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« A specification is a document that defines the rules that must be followed to the letter when carrying out a project. »

By downloading this specification template, you can :

  • Setting the rules that define your projects
  • Provide the key elements of your requirements
  • Protect yourself against misunderstandings

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The essential components of a Specification

The specification is a key document that defines the specifications of a project. It serves as a guide for all parties involved and ensures that the project is carried out according to expectations. Here are some essential elements to include in a specification :

  1. Project objectives : What is the purpose of the project ? What are the expected results ?

  2. Project Scope: What is the scope of the project ? What work needs to be done and which are not included ?

  3. Deliveries : What products, services or results need to be delivered at the end of the project ? When and how will they be delivered ?

  4. Timeline : What is the project timeline ? When should the project start and end ? What are the key dates and deadlines ?

  5. Budget : What is the project budget ? How will it be allocated ? What are the projected costs ?

  6. Responsibilities : Who is responsible for what ? Who are the main stakeholders and what is their role ?

  7. Success criteria : How will project success be measured ? What are the key performance indicators (KPIs) ?

Why use our Model Specifications ?

Our free specifications template helps you frame the rules that define your project to ensure that all stakeholders are on the same wavelength.

It allows you to express your needs and provide the important elements, which can help ensure that the project meets your expectations.

Finally, this downloadable template helps protect you against misunderstandings by providing a clear and detailed reference that all parties can consult.

Adapting the specifications to your project

Every project is unique, so it’s important to adapt our specifications template to your specific needs. Here are a few tips for customising your specifications:

  1. Define your specific needs : Before you start writing your specifications, take the time to define your needs and objectives, as well as any constraints.

  2. Customise the sections : Feel free to add, delete or modify the sections of the specifications according to your needs. For example, you could add a section on project risks, technical requirements and quality requirements.

  3. Use clear and precise language : Make sure your specifications are easy to understand for all parties involved. Use clear and precise language, and avoid technical jargon wherever possible.

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