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“CSR refers to the voluntary contribution of companies to sustainable development issues”

By downloading this CSR Policy template, you can :

  • Implement a CSR policy in your company
  • Have better relationships with suppliers
  • Better overall risk management

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What is the purpose of a CSR policy?

CSR, for Corporate Social Responsibility, refers to the voluntary contribution of companies to sustainable development issues. Our CSR policy model is precisely designed to help companies implement an effective CSR policy.

By adopting a responsible purchasing policy, the company is committed to taking into account the social, environmental and economic impacts in its procurement and implementing more sustainable practices.

How to customize your CSR policy?

It is important to customize this free CSR policy template according to the specificities of your company and your commitments.

These changes may include, for example :

  • The main sustainability issues for your company.
  • Clear and measurable objectives.
  • Procedures for monitoring and evaluating your progress.

Once the CSR policy is in place, it must be communicated to all levels of the company and integrated into all your future decisions and activities.

Implementing your CSR strategy

The implementation of a CSR strategy begins with an overview of the company’s current practices. This can be done by an internal or external audit, to identify areas for improvement and objectives related to the action plan to be implemented.

Once this step is completed, the CSR manager, an increasingly present role in companies, defines areas for improvement, the implementation of resources, and coordinates actions related to the new CSR strategy. Finally, it will be necessary to set up indicators to measure and monitor the company’s CSR approach.

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