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“A simplified supplier database can help you reduce the time and effort needed to manage your suppliers.

By downloading this supplier database template, you can :

  • Save time managing your suppliers
  • Share data easily with your teams
  • Track and update your data centrally

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What does a Supplier Database contain ?

The supplier database is a management tool that contains all the relevant information about your supplier panel. Here are some of the key elements generally found in a supplier database:

  1. Basic information : This includes the supplier’s name, address, telephone number, e-mail address, website and any other contact information.

  2. Products or services : What products or services does the supplier offer?

  3. Payment terms : What are the supplier’s payment terms and conditions ? This may include payment terms, early payment discounts and other important financial information.

  4. Past performance : How has the supplier performed in the past ?

  5. Certifications  : Does the supplier have any relevant certifications ? For example, ISO certification may indicate that the supplier has a quality management system in place.

  6. Ratings and reviews : What have other customers said about the supplier ? Ratings and comments can provide valuable information about the experience of working with the supplier.

A customisable supplier database template

Our supplier database template is easy to use and fully customisable. You can add, delete or modify fields to suit your needs.

To use this free template, simply enter information about your suppliers in the appropriate fields. You can then use this information to monitor your suppliers’ performance, make informed purchasing decisions, and share relevant information with your teams.

How can you enrich your supplier database?

Enriching your supplier database means adding more information and details for each supplier. Here are some tips for improving your database :

  1. Additional research : Do some online research to find out more about your suppliers. You can visit their website, read press articles, check their profiles on social networks…

  2. Supplier surveys : You can ask your suppliers for details of their products or services, production capacity and future plans.

  3. User feedback : Collect comments from your employees or customers who have interacted with the supplier. They can provide valuable information about the quality of products or services, customer service and other aspects of the experience with this supplier.

  4. Regular updates : Make sure you regularly update your supplier database with new information. An outdated database with the wrong information is the enemy of purchasing departments !

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