Responsible Supplier Questionnaire Template

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“When a company decides to create a CSR questionnaire, it must think about the suppliers involved, how the questionnaire will be set up, and how to use and monitor the results.”

En téléchargeant ce modèle de questionnaire RSE à envoyer à vos fournisseurs, vous pourrez :

  • Vérifier si votre réseau d’approvisionnement est fiable et stable.
  • Réduire les risques de rupture dans votre chaîne d’approvisionnement.
  • Protéger et améliorer la réputation de votre société.

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What is this questionnaire for ?

Our Responsible Supplier Questionnaire (CSR) model was designed to help companies assess the social and environmental responsibility of their suppliers. This is an effective way to check if your supply network is sustainable, protect your company’s reputation and reduce the risk of supply chain disruption.

There are many benefits to using this questionnaire :

  1. Check the sustainability of your supply network.
  2. Limit the risks of disruption in your supply chain.
  3. Protect and improve the reputation of your company by ensuring a responsible purchasing policy.
  4. Facilitate communication with your suppliers on social and environmental responsibility issues.
  5. Develop and promote responsible purchasing in your company.

How do you use this questionnaire and personalise it ?

To make effective use of this CSR supplier questionnaire template, it is important to tailor it to the specific needs of your business and supply chain. We recommend that you add specific questions related to your business sector, corporate values and sustainable procurement objectives.

Once the questionnaire has been customised, it should be sent to all your suppliers for evaluation. The responses received will then be analysed to identify areas for improvement and take appropriate action.

CSR purchasing and corporate responsibility

In the current context, where consumers and stakeholders are attaching increasing importance to corporate social responsibility, the use of a downloadable CSR questionnaire has become a must.

It is an effective way for companies to demonstrate their commitment to sustainability and social responsibility, while ensuring that their suppliers share the same values. In addition, it can help to identify and select new suppliers who go beyond minimum CSR requirements, offering opportunities for more sustainable partnerships.

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