The benefits of a well-managed purchasing process

Processus Gestion Commandes

The purchasing process is the set of operations that enable a company to acquire the goods or services it needs to run its business. As we have seen, each stage of this process requires a method whose application supports the decision-making of the players involved, with precious advantages in this eternal race against the competition.What are the advantages of controlled purchasing management within a company? Let’s take a look at some of the elements involved when purchasing management is properly implemented.

A positive influence within the company

Corporate purchasing can be time-consuming and unnecessarily complex when carried out without discipline. More than a tedious workload, a poor knowledge of the process will impact on the workings of your company, right down to its production system. The supplier contract, for example, defined at the contractualization stage, is a key issue for the company. A structured supplier relationship, secure supplies, controlled costs. From the expression of need to the monitoring of work, each controlled stage in the purchasing process generates its share of positive externalities. In other words, the situation benefits the company at no cost. The use of a tool, or a deeper understanding of the purchasing function, encourages the spread of this positive influence.

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The benefits of a controlled purchasing process

Implementing a good purchasing procedure has many benefits for your company:

  • Time savings: controlled delivery times, less time-consuming tasks,
  • Risk control: visibility, anticipation, transparency and traceability of purchases,
  • Spend management: visibility of expenses incurred, budget respected and released on approval,
  • Strategic purchasing: quality product or service, at the best price thanks to multiple offers,
  • Optimized work organization: cooperation, transparency of information, easier decision-making,
  • Strengthened supplier relations: controlled supply, solid exchanges, partnerships,

There are as many advantages as there are reasons to apply a purchasing method to your business. That’s why the systems that are being set up would be wrong to do without them.

Developing responsible purchasing

Mastering the purchasing process and stakeholder relations offers companies the opportunity to develop responsible purchasing. Adopting a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) approach is a source of benefits that revolve around the 3 pillars of this concept:

  • Economic pillar: the optimization of a company’s production systems depends on its relations with stakeholders. Turning to local suppliers, limiting negotiation, favoring fair transactions, shortening payment deadlines. These are just a few examples of actions that can be implemented to create opportunities and, ultimately, boost productivity.
  • Social pillar: improving working conditions through employee inclusion and involvement within an organization are real challenges for a company concerned with the well-being of its employees. Making the best choice when it comes to purchasing also means being sure to respect human rights when selecting partners.
  • Environmental pillar: preserving the environment means first and foremost considering local solutions. Having a supplier close to your business will automatically generate shorter delivery times, a significant reduction in CO2 footprint and a positive effect on the local ecosystem.

As you can see, the positive effects of a controlled purchasing process are not limited to the department concerned, but extend to the whole company. Economies of scale, improved organization, economic, social and environmental impact. Having a structured purchasing procedure is a source of numerous benefits for your company. Weproc is a digital tool developed to optimize your purchasing management, simply and intuitively.

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