The questions to ask when choosing a purchasing software


Purchasing software is the key to effective management of a company’s purchasing activities. Regardless of size. Large companies already have purchasing departments and complete ERP systems that exclude SMEs from the outset. But the new solutions are increasingly accessible to SMEs. Thanks to their innumerable advantages, these tools are being adopted by a growing number of companies as they structure their development.

Faced with an increasing number of specialist software packages on the management solutions market, making the right choice may prove more difficult than you thought. To help you choose the right software, here are the essential features you should consider before investing.

What does purchasing software do for my business?

Purchasing software has a number of basic functions. Its aim is to make it easy to manage a company’s purchasing, whatever its sector of activity. Purchasing management is therefore approached as a whole, with theultimate aim ofoptimising the company’sfinancial management. In fact, this type of tool is a strategic ally for companies wishing to control expenditure management. That’s why it’s essential to ask yourself what benefits you are seeking for your business.

In principle, purchasing management software enables :

  • Manage purchase requisitions and orders,
  • Manage supplier invoices and monitor payments,
  • Contract management,
  • Budget management by analytical code,
  • Supplier management,
  • Organisation of purchasing-relatedtasks such as receiving and stock management.

The main role of purchasing software is toensure that your company’spurchasing process runs smoothly. Thanks to the various dashboards, you can monitor your purchasing management. Workflows are updated in real time, order management is optimised and internal collaboration is strengthened. With the right tool, you can automate part of your company’s supplier compatibility by reconciling supplier invoices with purchase orders. The best purchasing software optimises purchasing processes and ensures that your efficiency and productivity are improved. That’s why a comprehensive view of your needs is essential to ensure you choose the right purchasing software.

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How can you choose the right purchasing software?

Depending on the solution, it’s essential not to make a mistake when choosing your purchasing software. Some may represent a commitment that does not reflect the vision of an SME: entry-level software that is too expensive, long deployment times, complex change management.

To avoid this scenario, we recommend that you define your company’s specific needs, preferably in the form of a list in a well-established specification. You’re looking to buy purchasing management software, so it’s only natural that you should play the role of buyer. Some solutions are compartmentalised by management module. Depending on the solution’s price list, it’s important to know which modules are essential for managing your business. Ask yourself the right questions. Finally, compare the different functions offered by the software. Don’t hesitate to ask the advice of an expert in the field if you feel overwhelmed by the choice.

Some purchasing software should only be used by an expert in the field. So make sure you get theuser experience you want, otherwise you’ll need to hire a professional who can use it properly if you haven’t already. A good command of purchasing software guaranteesits effective implementation within your organisation. This will obviously make you more productive in a very short space of time.

How do I know which purchasing software is right for my business?

As you will have realised, purchasing software must meet the specific needs of your business. The needs of an SME are not the same as those of a large group. The tool must reflect your company’s desired management style. To do this, we recommend that you focus on the way you operate. Define the key management indicators. Ask yourself whether you need a simple supplier management tool or more specific software that manages contracts with the addition of optimised items.

Also define your objectives: do you want to use the software to reduce costs or to increase productivity? Is it capable ofanalysing your activities in real time? Does it give you a global or detailed view of your actions so that you can take immediate decisions in the event of a problem? How far do I need the tool to support me, and what is my purchasing strategy for the next few years?

It’s important that the management software is easy to use. It needs to be accessible to everyone, and the user experience needs to be well thought out. Above all, it must be ergonomic, so that it is easy to use. The best shopping software is the easiest to use. They should also have shortcuts, customisable interfaces and user rights management.

What criteria should I take into account when choosing purchasing software?

To choose the right purchasing software, you need to take a number of criteria into account. To begin with, the software must be compatible with the management tools you already use. This is your guarantee that it can provide the help your company needs to run smoothly. You also need to ensure that the information transmitted is clear, so that you don’t run into any problems when using it. But above all, it’s important to choose it according to your budget. This tool is available at all price levels. Finally, make sure you don’t pay a management fee for updates. SaaS software includes free updates as part of its service, which is why it has a comparative advantage over other management solutions.

As you can see, you need to choose your purchasing software carefully. But this is not always easy, given all the criteria to be taken into account. That’s why Weproc provides a SaaS purchasing management software that’s both powerful and easy to use.


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