The benefits of purchasing software


Purchasing is a business process within a company, with a well-defined procedure and a well-planned protocol. To ensure that it is carried out properly and in line with the company’s objectives, purchasing files include a large number of tasks, most of which are time-consuming. The digital transformation of business activities has boosted productivity at all levels of a company. Thanks toadvances in technology, the purchasing process is also benefiting from these advances, particularly with purchasing management software. These collaborative tools offer a host of benefits for your business.

Simplify purchasing management

As its name suggests, purchasing software is a tool designed to manage all your purchases. It covers all areas of your company’s purchasing department. The first advantage of purchasing software is that you can plan your company’s future purchases in advance. Controlling expenditure as soon as the purchase request is issued makes a significant difference to the purchasing process, because expenditure is managed upstream. Spend commitments are controlled and the administrative part is handled by the purchasing management software. All purchasing flows are entered into the software’s database and updated in real time. Finally, the downstream part of the process manages all supplier invoices, paid or to be paid, and provides visibility of payments made.

Purchasing software is therefore the perfect solution for making savings through optimum control of budgets. It allows you to monitor cash inflows and outflows and detect any problems, so you cantake immediate action to resolve them.

Because purchasing software is so easy to use, you can manage your purchase orders in an innovative way. Most operations are automated, which saves time. All stages of the purchasing process are generally incorporated, from expression of need to delivery/receipt of parts and supplier evaluation.

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A wide range of functions

In addition to purchasing, this type of management solution enablesorders to be administered efficiently. Orders are tracked in real time. You can check the progress of your orders at any time. This tool is highly beneficial to your company’s development. It allows you to manage purchase requests, calls for tender and supplier management, among other things. With well-detailed dashboards, there’s no reason to run into user problems.

In addition to this, an e-purchasing tool usually manages supplier relations. Caught up in the day-to-day flow, there’s a good chance you’ll miss some signals. Thanks to supplier management, it’s easier to target the best suppliers, but also those who are failing (late deliveries, poor quality parts). This is a source of savings and will help you to optimise your purchasing costs and improve the process.

Save time

The main benefit of purchasing software is that it saves you time. As mentioned above, the tasks involved in the purchasing process are both administratively complex and time-consuming. Using purchasing software therefore saves you time.

You can significantly reduce the time spent :

  • Tracking orders,
  • Managing supplier offers,
  • General handling of the ordering process,
  • Searching for relevant purchasing information.

Purchasing management software frees you from having to spend time targeting the right suppliers or carrying out administrative procedures. The latter are time-consuming and often a real headache. The tool not only takes care of the hassle, but also encourages collaboration within your teams.

Increase productivity

Optimising purchasing with dedicated software boosts your company’s productivity. Purchasing teams no longer have to carry out all the tasks on their own. Sales teams, for example, can report their needs. The transparency of information means that purchase requests can be properly qualified. In this way, employees can concentrate on other, more strategic tasks. They can better manage their time and ensure greater productivity. As a result, your company gains in efficiency and credibility.

To reap all the benefits of purchasing management software, it’s important to choose it carefully, and to take certain criteria into account. These depend in particular on the size of your company and the volume of orders. The requirements of an SME are not the same as those of a large company which, as well as having the necessary tools, often has a mature purchasing department and purchasing function. First of all, you need to define your company’s organisational requirements. The best way to do this is to draw up a set of specifications to help you understand your company’s needs and listen to your internal customers. Purchasing software should be chosen according to your budget, but above all according to its ability to streamline your internal processes, with the aim of maximum user adoption.

As you can see, purchasing software must be capable of meeting your company’s needs. But finding the right one isn’t easy. That’s why Weproc has been designed for small and medium-sized businesses looking for a simple, effective purchasing management solution.


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