Top 5 of the most optimised stock management software


With the current evolution of stock management methods in companies, there is a whole range of possible tools to help you manage your stock movements. More reliable, in the sense that their use is based on well-defined algorithms, stock management software is one of the tools that make users’ jobs easier. The following 5 software solutions are among the most popular management tools.

1. OpenConcerto, reliable, free software

The biggest advantage of OpenConcerto is that it’s free. With this type of software, you can use a reliable management tool. Because it is an open source programme, it can be customised to suit the needs of each user. What’s more, it comes with a range of modules, such as orders, stocks and purchases.

OpenConcerto still requires rigorous use. Order management in particular requires mastery of very specific operations. This software requires some technical skills to be able to use it for day-to-day tasks. If you do not have the level of expertise required by the software, you will need to work with professionals and hire a dedicated workforce.

2. Dolisim, an intuitive and versatile tool

Dolisim is a product of Simafri. It is highly versatile and can handle different tasks at the same time. It is particularly useful for managing suppliers and customers. It can also be used to manage stocks and orders automatically. Intuitive for beginners, this management software already comes with customer support and antivirus protection.

What’s really practical about this software is that you can recover your data after changing or cancelling your subscription. The notion of additional ownership that comes with this product gives you access to all the information stored for an indefinite period.

3. Erplain, practical for inventories

Erplain is a powerful solution for better stock management and simplified inventory management. This web-based programme is designed to manage purchasing. It is most useful for producing quotations and invoices. If you expect your stocks to be updated in real time, you should opt for this software.

Erplain has RGPD certification to ensure the security of your data. For small businesses that want to keep track of their accounts payable, this tool is recommended. Intuitive, it’s perfect for those who don’t want to opt for complex solutions. High-performance and versatile, this management software has a wide range of features, especially when it comes to customising data.

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4. Exact for novice retailers

Exact Online Commerce, as the name suggests, is a software package that stands out for its management accuracy. It’s a Cloud solution based entirely on the Internet. As a result, it can be installed on a desktop, a laptop or even a tablet. Highly secure, it’s the ideal option for small retailers or those just starting out.

This device can be used to check overdue payments with real-time visualisation. The advantages you can enjoy with this type of programme are :

  • A free version for 30 days
  • Variable pricing depending on your choice of options
  • ISAE 3404 certification to ensure the security of all data
  • A customisable dashboard offering a range of functions (alerts and reporting)

5. Stocknet for major labels

Stocknet is a high-quality tool designed specifically for large-scale companies with considerable stocks, whose management requires a veritable arsenal of human resources. Using this type of software enables efficient stock management. Its functionalities also allow for better control of incoming and outgoing stocks of products within the company.

Among its features, this software allows you to modulate access control and permissions according to users. As the programme is available online, there is no need to install it on your devices. However, it does require an internet connection for daily use. To find out how reliable this product is, you can test it free of charge before you buy.

Good stock management can be vitally important, depending on your sector of activity. But if you want to do this with peace of mind, you need to choose the best solution for your organisation. In addition to high-performance stock management software, Weproc can help. This software solution specialises in the pre-order stage, allowing you toadd expense and purchase management to your stock management software.


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